History of APSA Singapore


Formation of APSA Headquarters


A Singapore delegation comprising 15 security professionals attended the First Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) Conference in Bangkok on a fact finding mission. Subsequently, an APSA Singapore Chapter was formed. A protem committee was form in late 1995 with 11 representatives from various security disciplines.

After months of preparation, and approval from Registry of Societies, Asian Professional Security Association (Singapore) was officially registered on 20 June 1996.

An inauguration ceremony was held on 20 September 1996 at Sze Chuan Gardens, Passenger Terminal Building 1, Singapore Changi Airport. The President of APSA (HQ) was present at the ceremony to sign the agreement between APSA (HQ) and APSA (Singapore).

Founding Members

 1.           Mr. Koh Boon Khuang Albert (Deceased)

2.            Mr. Chew Soon Kin

3.            Mr. Ratan Singh s/o Gurcharan Singh

4.            Mr. Tang Phak Kwong

5.            Mr. Ng Chin Eng Alex

6.            Mr. Tan Boh Liang (Deceased)

7.            Mr. Thambu Thillai Nathan

8.            Mr. Ooi Chin Eah

9.            Mr. Goh Mong Kwang

10.          Mr. Mohamed Ali B Abdul Hamid

11.          Mr. Joseph Tang (Deceased)

During the 24th APSA AGM held on 13 September 2017, APSA International had made an unanimous decision that Asian Professional Security Association shall be renamed as Asia Pacific Security Association with the vision to encompass more countries in the Asia Pacific region to be part of APSA network. In February 2019, Registry of Societies gave its approval for APSA Singapore to rename as Asia Pacific Security Association (Singapore) to align with its long term goals of becoming a leading security association in the Asia Pacific region.