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Employee Theft Prevention

The biggest security threat to your business in terms of theft does not come from outside intruders, but instead from your own employees. Employee theft ranges from the innocent taking of pencils, staples, and paper up to money and valuable devices. Every year, businesses across Singapore and around the world experience employee theft on a regular basis.

While Singapore employee theft may not be as widespread as in the United States were it is estimated that up to 75% of employees will steal from their work place at one time or another, it is a problem large enough to employ loss prevention measures.

Understanding Why Employees Steal

When it comes to employing the best Singapore security measures, it is important to understand why employees steal from their companies. In many cases, the employees feel entitled to the property, particularly if they have worked with the equipment and supplies for a considerable amount of time. Employees who are disgruntled or simply not happy with the work conditions may feel that the items they use on a daily basis really belong to them and feel no regret in taking them home.

Another issue is temporary employees who work only seasonally for retail stores and feel that taking an item or two will not matter. While one employee taking one item is hardly worth noticing, it really adds up when many employees do the same thing.

How to Prevent Singapore Employee Theft

While there is no method or combination of methods that will provide perfect employee theft protection, there are a couple of ways that your business can greatly improve loss prevention and make employee theft a rare event.

Screening potential employees for criminal or drug history is very important as these are the leading factors in employees who steal more than just a pencil or two. Plus, boosting employee morale and emphasizing the team effort in the business helps reduce the feelings that many employees have of not being fully appreciated.

The second in employing the best in Singapore security methods that help remind employees that stealing is not acceptable under any circumstances. The most common security methods used include cameras, increased patrols of security personnel, and an overall rising in concern about employee theft. Generally speaking, all of these methods are passive in nature and mostly act as a deterrent effect.

However, cameras can catch employees in the act of stealing which then can be used against them if the case goes to trial. Plus, the increased presence of security personnel means that they are more available to stop a thief before they leave the premises if their theft has been detected.

If your business has been plagued by employee theft, then you will need to call in experts. Our partners at APSA provide the best in loss prevention. They are great when it comes to identifying and stopping employees in the act. Contact them today so that you can better protect your business.

(This article first appeared on the Stroztech Global Insights Page here.)

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